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Japanese born, Melbourne based designer, Rioko TEGA’s fascination for beautiful textiles was sparked by her grandparents who ran a Kimono and tailoring business, Tailor Tega. It was from them that she learnt the importance of quality, attention to detail and the timeless nature of good design.

Rioko developed a range of organic cotton Tabi (toe) socks in 2007 under the name BONIKO, creating experimental collections exploring the concept of free fashion - no size, no season, no gender –

Inheriting skills for tailoring and patternmaking, Rioko is also an experienced CAD patternmaker, drafting patterns for major Australian fashion labels.

Since her grandmother Fuku passed in 2014, Rioko’s passion is to keep the spirit of Tailor Tega going, resulting in starting a new concept of bespoke fashion – unstructured tailoring, that focuses on the garments closely relating to people's everyday life, that are not covered by tailors and bespoke dressmakers.  

With her own idiosyncratic style, Rioko offers an alternative way to relate to your garments, with an emphasis on sustainability, care-ability, and creativity.

Since 2015, Rioko has presented her work under the label TEGA Boniko on an exhibition basis, presenting thoughtful products for thoughtful individuals.

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
— Pablo Picasso

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"fashion is no longer fashionable." are you ready for the shift?